Housing Company

支持ing Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Lifestyles
We support people's safe, 安全, and comfortable lifestyles by providing high-performance housing and housing-related services that take into consideration how our products and services affect the community.


We utilize modular construction methods that use factory production to build steel framed and wooden modular housing that take into consideration comfort, safety and security, environmental friendliness precisely in accordance with design specifications. We have a factory in Thailand and plan to develop the Thai housing market and expand into neighboring countries.

Stock Business

We also offer home renovations to owners of SEKISUI HEIM and SEKISUI Two-U Home residences tailored to each customer's stage in life using a long-term support system. We broker home purchases and sales, provide management and guarantees of apartments and condominiums, and provide other services to meet all real estate needs through the comprehensive capabilities of the Group.

Town and Community Development

We offer our detached houses and HEIM SUITE brand of condominiums and use SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group products and services including construction and civil engineering materials to implement the SEKISUI Safe & Sound Project to provide the safe, 安全, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable towns representative of SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group in collaboration with local government and other companies.

Residential Services

We supply buildings and services to suit every life stage including construction and operation of housing for the elderly with support, nursing care services, interior and exterior plan proposals, and sale of related goods.